Unijem Smart Thermostat


Set your home at the perfect temperature all dayand all nightlong.


  • Turn any generic 9v smoke alarm in to a smart smoke alarm
  • No more annoying chirping sounds when the battery is dying
  • The ability to monitor your home when you’re away from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy installation (done in less than 5 minutes)
  • Add and Share alerts with friends and family
  • Can add up to multiple Unijem batteries
  • Real time notifications when the smoke alarm goes off
  • No tools or professionals needed
  • Takes CR123A batteries
  • The ability to snooze false alarms (for 10minutes) after this the battery will be back in operation and will go off again if it still detects smoke.

*Please note the Unijem smart battery requires Wi-Fi in order to work.


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  • Offered with a 4.3-inch color screen that is operated via touch and features 7-day programming, manual override, auto mode and multi-language selection as well.
  • Never have to re-set it; programs and settings are retained even during power loss.
  • Complete with an internal and external sensor, this unit includes open window detection and room temperature detection.
  • Designed to operate with the Unijem SmartValves.
  • Turn your boiler on & off from anywhere in the world from the Unijem app
  • Easily connects you your home WIFI
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